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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

fall leaf centerpiece {tutorial}

This is a simple little seasonal project that I did a couple of weeks ago.
I gave it a few days and then officially decided... I like it!

Want to try this one yourself?
You just need poster board, some fake leaves, and a hot glue gun. Simple enough, right?

I grabbed this box of leaves at Pottery Barn.

Cut a circle out of your poster board. This one is about a foot wide.

Then start gluing the leaves. Begin from the outer edges and work your way in. Leave the ends of the leaves poking out to create some volume.

Keep gluing until the poster board is covered.
I also went back and added a few leaves here and there so that it didn't look too symmetrical. Is that weird? Oh well... I like it better this way.

I tossed a couple of extra leaves on the table around the centerpiece just for good measure. 
Hurricane vase and a simple candle on top and wa-la!

I so love enjoy a pretty dining room! 
It just makes you feel fancy.

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