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Saturday, September 22, 2012

duds for my dude

I've told you guys before that I'm beyond addicted to buying Jake baby clothes. Yup, no rehab yet for this girl. I'm still at it. There's just something so fun about those tiny little button ups and itty bitty blue jeans. I can't help myself!

I seriously love dressing Jake up. Geez, its a good thing I had a boy first! If he had been a girl I'm sure we'd be filing bankruptcy for all the fru-fru cuteness I could buy!!

And since we do enjoy a good baby fashion show here at the Wilder household, I thought I'd share where we buy most of his clothes. 
Almost everything Jake wears is Baby Gap and Carter's. We also occasionally find some good things at Target and Old Navy. I'm a pretty hardcore bargain shopper. I've caught almost all of his latest duds on sale:

{ sneakers / hat / toms }

Anyway, you get it. He's a little doll. 
That I like to dress up as a mini-J.B.. 

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