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Monday, September 10, 2012

absence makes the heart grow fonder


May. I haven't updated since May. My goodness, I've missed this blog so much! 

And it's been the longest four months of my life. 

When I last mentioned that I was taking a break to concentrate on Jake's eating issues for a few days, I had no idea of what would soon be in store for my little man or our family. I thought it'd be a little blogging vacay, not weeks of  hospital stays, testing, and endless medical research. Even now, we're still in a diagnostic and testing phase. Our story is a tough one and this chapter of it hasn't quite ended yet. So someday soon, I hope to share everything with you guys publicly. Until then, please keep my son and family in your thoughts and prayers.

But you can rest easy that in a general sense, our sweet little boy Jake is doing amazingly. He's almost 6 months old (what?!) and happens to be the most amazing kid on the planet. I absolutely marvel at him every single day. His adorable disposition constantly melts my heart. Despite everything that Jake has already had to go through, he is the happiest, sweetest little boy around. It just goes to show that God knows exactly what He's doing.

I'll definitely be catching you up on more adorable pictures from the last few months
{you're welcome in advance!}, and I also plan on getting back to the grindstone here on the blog.

In my time away, I realized what an amazing outlet this blog and all my projects have been for me. While certain aspects of life may still be in the air, I think this type of thing really helps keep me grounded. 

I'm officially back! Let's get this show on the road!


  1. So glad you're back! Your blog is one of my favorites, and your absence was noticed! Glad that things are looking up for you and your family and looking forward to more projects and YUMMY recipes!

  2. I agree with Emily, I really missed your daily blog posts! I wish you and your family the best! Thanks for coming back!