H O M E                     A B O U T                      D I Y                      R E C I P E S                     S H O P

Monday, April 30, 2012

weekend via instagram

I love playing with Instagram on my iPhone.
I also love enjoying the weekends with my little family.

So why not share both? I tried to capture it all.
Here's my weekend via Instagram...

I had a hot date with this little man on Friday night. 
Jake is sleeping 5-6 hour stretches during the night now. Yay!

 And this was first thing Saturday morning. Jake definitely woke up before J.B. and I did, so we all just snuggled up in our bed before getting up for the day.
I totally love this picture.

After finally hauling our butts out of bed on Saturday, we headed off to the dog park to let Denver and Delilah play with all their puppy friends. 

Lunch, then we headed to the Panoply Arts Festival downtown. 
 They had all kinds of great things to check out. 

Like kids' artwork from tons of local schools.

And lots of music.
Believe it or not, the Alabama State Fiddling Competition is a big draw. 
I'm not going to lie, some of these guys can really get down. 
{p.s. Only now am I noticing that this guy has a kilt on...}

Local dance studios put on some great shows. 
This was a Fresh Prince of Bel-Air act that I loved!

And of course, tons of local art!

I think Jake had a pretty awesome time.

That evening, we came home to finish up some yard work. 
My roses are beyond blooming!

Then we settled in to watch my new latest obsession - Downton Abbey!!
{why didn't any of you tell me how good this show is?!}

And before it got too late, we put little dude to bed.
{after giving him a mohawk}

Sunday morning was church time.

Afterwards I took a break from mommy duties to soak up some rays on the deck. The quiet time away was so peaceful! And I think my pale skin appreciated some Vitamin D!

Sunday afternoon, we went out shopping to pick up a few things. Bought Jake a beach hat for our trip to Florida next month. Looks to be a bit too big...

Sunday night I finally got back in the kitchen! 
I've been doing almost no real cooking since Jake was born, so we were all excited to have a legit meal. This concoction turned into a delicious pasta primavera.

After such a fun weekend, this sweet baby was sacked out. 
And so were we!

There you have it folks - a pretty stinkin' perfect weekend. 
Don't let Monday get the best of you!


  1. You have a beautiful baby!

    -Your friend Jessica from Mexico.

    1. Thanks Jessica!! I think he's pretty fabulous myself! :)