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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

things I haven't enjoyed lately

Last week I posted about a few of the things that I've really enjoyed lately.

In the art of fairness, I guess I should also post about a few things that I haven't had quite as much fun with...

 Like being up during the night.

I mean, seriously. This is sort of to be expected. My little dude is only five weeks old. No, of course he doesn't sleep through the night.
And p.s. I really hate it when random people ask me that.
He'd only been home from the hospital for a few days when the morons of the world started asking me that question. I can only assume that those people know nothing about babies if they think any infant sleeps through the night.
But anyway, I'm pretty big on the whole sleep thing. So I definitely won't be missing the late night zombie feedings, midnight crying sessions, or 4 a.m. diaper explosions.

Picnik closing down.

I think the entire blogging world had a collective meltdown when Picnik announced the closing of their site. The easiest, simplest online photo editing program was leaving the web? Noooooo.
I've been in a state of mourning for almost two months now. And with the official closure less than a week ago, my grieving is at its peak.
The good news is that I found a new simple, quick site to use that's super similar to Picnik:


As bummed as I am about the change, I'm equally excited to have found a legit alternative!

While I haven't actually caught much of the nasal/sinus/congestion funk this year {knock on wood}, I'm most definitely over pollen season. The black shutters on my house are yellow, my white front porch benches are yellow and my poor vehicle is yellow.
Double bummer on trying to clean it up since it returns half a second later.

My blog losing its domain name.

I believe I told you in this post about the sleazy-no-good jerkfaces that hijacked my domain name {www.livealittlewilder.com}.
It's been a complete nightmare. I can't believe anyone would do this. I'm so mad, sad, and offended about it. And amist the unfairness of it, I still tried my best to negotiate with these yahoos.
Latest Update: They've decided that they want almost $10k to release it back to me.
I'm a stay at home mom with a new baby. What would even possess them to think that I would pay $10k?! {though I suppose I am flattered that they seem to find my site so valuable}. So now we're moving on to plan b! Keep an eye out for some changes coming soon!

Ok I'll try to keep my complains to a minimum from now on. Thanks for letting me vent!


  1. SO, does your baby sleep all night? I didn't see that in the post?

  2. No, he's not quite there yet. We're working with the BabyWise method and hoping to have him sleeping 6-7 hours in the next few weeks. Fingers crossed!!

  3. haha. I was joking, I did read it. But I hope he does start sleeping soon for you!

  4. Did your domain registration expire? Did you have domain protection through GoDaddy? Also have you contacted GoDaddy directly to resolve he issue?