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Friday, April 27, 2012

our favorites: one month

As promised, here are a few of the things that we used constantly for Jake's first month.

The Boppy  - I don't know who invented this pillow, but I love it. And so does every other new mom. This thing has a billion uses - great arm prop, lounger for Jake, breastfeeding pillow, etc etc. It's a must have for all new moms. And there are a million covers out there to accessorize with.

Avent bottles - I'd heard good things about the Avent bottles from day one. It was also a no-brainer because we bought an Avent breast pump so these fit perfectly with those parts as well.  Our dude is bottle fed with half sensitive stomach formula and half breast milk {seems to be the best combo for his little belly}. And it turns out that these bottles have been a dream!

Desitin - We've only had a couple of brief instances of diaper rash with Jake, but I was ready with the Desitin on hand. And it worked like a charm on his chapped little booty. Have some ready!

A rattle - Obviously a newborn needs pretty much niltch in the toy department. But we've found that he really likes to look at and hear the sound of a rattle. It's calming to him and completely captivates his attention when necessary.

Baby Wise - I've talked before about being a Baby Wise mom. It's only been a few weeks {and yes, we do still struggle some days}, but I'm a firm believer in parent led ... everything! I like for him to be on a schedule. Not only does that help this Momma keep things straight, but its also good for his little system as well. His tummy digests things better on a regulated time frame and his internal clock  has a good idea of when to sleep and when to hang out with us. 

Cloud B Sleep Sheep - We have a regular noise machine in the nursery, but little man doesn't sleep in there yet. This sleep sheep is actually meant to be a travel item, but when it was gifted to us we immediately put it on his bassinet in the bedroom. Now every time he goes to sleep, he's used to hearing the sound of the ocean waves and he loves it! I definitely recommend some sort of noise machine to help soothe your baby off into dreamland.

I'm sure this list will change with every month as Jake grows. 
But I hope this list helps some of you mommas-to-be out there!

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  1. M.E. still loves Sleep Sheep "Ocean soundtrack" to fall asleep to. Avent bottles are wonderful, but ME didn't like them when she was little, but they are great because the nipple pops out and turns into a sippy cup!!! How ingenious! The Boppy now makes for a great sofa nap pillow for myself. And Desitin is always a plus and a staple (hint- put some on his bottom before bedtime when he's sleeping through the night and you don't get up to change him to prevent diaper rash and irritation).

    Sounds like life is adjusting well for you! He looks just like his Daddy, therefore I sense trouble to be headed your way in the future ;)