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Friday, April 20, 2012

one month

I'm so excited!!
A new monthly photo idea begins!

We've officially said goodbye to the little black dress.... 

And hello to the adorable infant!
{a huge improvement if I do say so myself}

                         Weight: 8 pounds, 9 ounces {as of 4/17}
                         Clothing Size: newborn
                         Hair: full head of sandy brown hair, turning a bit curly
                         Eyes: still blue
                         New Developments: lots more "awake time", he loves to stare at ceiling fans
                         Bad Habits: not burping! little man has tons of trapped gas and tummy aches
                         Sleep Schedule: still working on it... almost four hours max at a time for now.

I can't believe my little man is already a month old!
{I guess time flies when you're completely sleep deprived...}

Jake is up a pound and a half from his birth weight! But as you can see from this picture, he's still a lean little fellow. We initially had some trouble finding clothes to fit his skinny little butt - even most of the newborn sizes were way too wide. Fortunately Carter's makes some great outfits and sleepers for string beans like Jake.

For us, the entire first month has been a huge learning process. We're getting to know our little man and trying to figure out what makes him tick. On a whole, Baby Jake a super sweet fellow. He loves to snuggle, be sung to, and read books with you. He's a great shopping partner and loves to snooze in the Baby Bjorn when the we load up to go to the dog  park.
We're also slowly but surely discovering some of the things that Jake is definitely not into. The very short list is being cold. Whether it's a diaper change, wardrobe change, too chilly of a bath, or a breezy outside walk, Jake does not like to be chilly {I'm pretty sure he got that from me}. I just try to always keep him in long pants and socks along with whatever onesie he's wearing.

Another thing I've discovered is that a lot of people like to ask questions about what kind of parenting style we have with Jake. Having seen the demeanor of my kiddo and read a few of the latest and most happenin' baby books, I think I'm definitely going to be more of a "Baby Wise" mom. I like the fact that the little one is on a schedule and babies get on the routine of mom and dad {not vice versa}. We've just started to implement some of the concepts now. I have to say that getting Jake adjusted to this is coming along easier than I anticipated. The routine I'd like to stick to isn't far off what we were doing before, but hopefully just a little more structure will help both Mommy and baby be a better adjusted and well rested.

Being a mom is definitely the hardest, most tasking job I've ever had. It's only been a month and I already feel completely run ragged. There are days that I'd like to hid in the closet or just go walk around the mall and not have a baby attached to my every move. Sometimes I want to blast a stereo so loud that I can't hear the constant crying. I don't want to think about bottles or car seats or burping or diaper rash. And I most definitely am not good at getting up in the middle of the night.

But it's also completely rewarding in a way that I can't explain. That sweet little face and those big blue eyes - oh man, what a cutie! I'm so excited to see what new thing he'll do each day and to watch my little boy grow and learn. 

So we're ready to grab the next month by the horns! I can't wait to see what Jake will be up to next!

*Stay tuned next week for a post about my new baby must have items!*

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  1. Sarah,

    Hang in there. Brannan cried constantly as a newborn as well. They thought he might have acid reflux but did not spit up, turns out he had an ear infection. It's tough when they can't tell us what's wrong. Just follow your instincts and stay strong. This time will be over before you know it. The little gas drops helped a lot. Also when Bran was a couple of months old I started putting a litte rice cereal in each of his bottles that seemed to help too.
    Congrats on your little bundle of joy and hang in there! Mary Rippey