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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

giant growth chart {tutorial}

When I saw this growth chart from Pottery Barn Kids I knew it was completely adorable. 

But that was pre-kids, pre-nursery, pre-Jake. 

While browsing back through some of my saved "inspirations" a few weeks back, I found it again! Obviously now I knew I had to have one for Jake's room. Since it had been a few years, Pottery Barn no longer sold their $125 version {not that I would have paid that anyway!}.
Time for another knock off!

It was a pretty simple and inexpensive project too.

 - 6' long board {6" wide x 1" thick}
 - small can of wood stain
 - brush
 - ruler
 - pencil
 - black paint pen

First, stain your board...

Next, print off your numbers. A simple Word document will do for this. I found a font I liked and typed up the numbers 1-5 in the size I wanted.

Now cut the numbers out, flip them over and trace over the back of each one with your pencil.

Then use your pencil and ruler to measure out the marks you'd like on your growth chart. I made mine one inch apart - the "quarter" inch marks are 2" long and the "eighth" inch marks are 1" long. Does that make sense? Here's a picture...

Place the numbers onto your growth chart in the appropriate places.
Trace around the edges of the number. The pencil lead on the back will make the perfect outline onto your wood.

Something to think about: where you're hanging the growth chart. i.e. You don't want to start it at one inch if you're planning on hanging it off the ground, otherwise you're measurements will be wrong. Mine was going 8 inches off the ground on the back of a door, so I began the measurements on my chart accordingly.

Now trace over everything with your paint pen.
And hang!

It probably doesn't photograph well on the back of the nursery door, but that's where it's hanging!
The Pottery Barn  ruler was $125. I made this for $15.
Not a bad knock off if I say so myself.

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