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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Uncommonly Clean Series - Day Three

Happy Hump Day! Here we are for another thrilling day of spring cleaning.
Ok seriously, it's cleaning - I'm not that excited.

But today's tips are incredibly easy. Almost too easy...

cleaning your baseboards

Does anyone actually like doing this? Don't we all have to be under complete duress to clean the dust and grime off the baseboards? Surely that's just not me...

Well good, I'm glad you're all on my team. 
So how about a simpler way to touch up those things?

The secret? Dryer Sheets!

{via Apartment Therapy}

Because of the crazy static with these things, it not only picks up all the dust and grime, but it also leaves a dust fighting coat on the baseboards that will keep them cleaner for longer. Double play!!

keeping vacuum cleaner scuffs off your baseboards

Do you sometimes get a little manic with the vacuum cleaner? Ever left one of those nasty black scuffs along your baseboards - you know, the ones that never ever ever come off? 
Want to cut that out?

Put a strip of masking tape along the edge of your vacuum cleaner. 
Yes. Seriously. It works. 
No more scuffs! Yay!

 {via Real Simple}

The downside is that they have yet to invent any baseboards that never ever get dirty.  But the upside is with these two tips, I just might be able to keep mine bright and shiny a little longer!

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