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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Uncommonly Clean Series - Day Four

Sorry for the crazy delay in getting this post out to you guys. 
If you saw my Sad World update today, you already know that I've had some issues with scammers stealing my domain name. It took some time to put a back up plan in place but I've transferred everything back over to 
for the time being.

Hope to get things back to the original site soon!

But without further ado!

Time for some new spring cleaning tips for the used and abused places.

cleaning your hair dryer

There have been several times that I've looked at my sadly abused hair dryer and thought, 
"Someday, this thing is going to ignite. And probably burn all my hair off at the same time."

But I love this hair dryer. I've had it forever. It's simple, the cord retracts and it fits everywhere!
But you guys, it's gross. How in the heck can I get all that icky lint out??

Ready for this?

With more lint. 

Yup, I said it - more lint!

Grab a blob of lint from your clothes dryer and rub it along the gross spots. Lint sticks to lint and all that gunk should come right off. For the hard to reach places, use a toothpick to get down into the crevices to loosen then funk, then rub over it with your lint wad.
{lint wad - it kind of sounds like I'm insulting you.}

Then wipe down with a damp cloth and voila!

cleaning your showerhead

Oh holy cow! This is one of my very favorite things to clean!
I mean, not the actual cleaning part, but seriously, I'm pregnant and achy and all blaaah. Sometimes taking a hot shower is the only thing that keeps my sore back from completely detaching from the rest of my body. I neeeeed my showerhead to be at 100%.

So when I used this method to clean the calcium deposits off my showerhead, I just knew it would be on the list during this cleaning series. 

Here's what you'll need:

- 1/3 cup of baking soda
- 1 cup white vinegar
- 1 plastic bag
- 1 twisty tie

Mix the baking soda and vinegar into the bag over the sink. Be careful here and mix slowly because the combination of the two is pretty fizzy! 

{via Frugally Sustainable}

Stick the bag over the showerhead and use the twisty tie to close. 
Allow it to sit this way for at least 3-4 hours. Rinse off the showerhead afterwards and enjoy an awesome free flowing stream of water.

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