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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sad World

My domain name has been hijacked.

Isn't that sad? Some creeper {and apparently there are lots of these bad guys} is holding my domain name hostage! Like he's kidnapped my blog!

Fortunately I use Blogger to host all of my information, so I still have my own data and tutorials and whatnot. And I can use the free domain name that they provide. But I know lots of people will struggle to find Live A Little Wilder on the web until I get the situation straightened out. I promise, I'm still here. Still pregnant. Still posting!

I'm currently working on an appraisal to see exactly what I'm going to have to fork over to get it back. And if I can afford it. Not exactly something I factored into the budget. It's just so discouraging!

Until the dust settles, stay up to day with the blog by going to:

Though if you're reading this right now, you've probably already figured that out...

Thanks for sticking with me, friends!


  1. I work in the industry and I'm trying to figure out how did they exactly "hi-jack" your name? I've never heard of such of thing. If you have a legitimate name and the name is paid for, no one can legally take your name before it expires. seriously I would be glad to help you if you need any assistance. Thanks'Donna

  2. Well, there was a glitch with my renewal. And before I realized what had happened, a company picked up the domain name in a matter of a couple hours.
    The company then immediately took my site down and contacted me with the amount of money they required to sell it back to me. I use the term company loosely because it was clearly not a legitimate company...
    Where I come from, that kind of act (though totally legal, unfortunately) is miserably awful. Clearly I'm not going to pay them thousands of dollars for a $10 domain name. It really stinks to loose so much of the "value" of my site, but I refuse to deal with people like that.

    I've recently purchased a new domain name and will be transitioning immediately. And now that I know this kind of thing can happen, I'll be more careful! Thanks so much for offering to help Donna!