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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

a proud mama {Jake's birth story}

 Wow, Jake was a week old yesterday!
I suppose that means it's high time that I brag a bit more about him.

So here's the story of sweet Jake's debut.

We had a scheduled induction due to his predicted weight and head size {read: HEAD SIZE. It was in placed 4+ weeks ahead at 38 weeks. Yikes!}. My OB likes to have patients come in the night before and get them settled and rest, so the Monday night that we went in, I was exactly 39 weeks. They told us to eat dinner before we came to the hospital, so J.B. and I went out to our "Last Supper" that night. {Olive Garden to carbo-load on pasta!} But I was so nervous I could hardly eat!

We got to the hospital around 6:30 that night to check in. A little while later, Brit, our nurse, came to take us to our delivery room. She. was. fantastic. Clearly J.B. and I were all nerves, but her fun personality put us at ease right away. She was super sassy and sarcastic - which fits in with us perfectly. I really was incredibly thankful to have her around.

After an hour or so I was all hooked up - IV, the baby's heart rate monitor, the contractions monitor {those two both go around the belly} and probably a few more things. Brit gave me the drug that is supposed to soften your cervix. My OB likes to start inductions with this dose the night before and then they begin the pitocin drug early the next morning to start contractions.
She did say that the pill she was giving me tonight {cytotek, I believe} could cause some cramping, so not to freak out and to try to get some rest that night. 

So J.B. and I settled in. It was around 8:30pm at this point and we were hoping to get a few good hours of sleep before all the madness the next day. No such luck.
Yup, that cytotek sure as heck did cause cramping. Like crazy. But I'm stubborn and was determined not to complain so I just closed my eyes and dealt with the pain.  I was not going to be the girl that whined about some minor cramping. J.B. slept most of the night but I was wide awake {staring at the clock} and in a lot of pain. Truth be told, I was basically psyching myself out. If I was barely hanging on during this, I would surely never survive having a baby right? 

Around 3 in the morning, Brit comes in to check on me. She cautiously asks how I'm feeling and I cautiously answer that I'm okay. The next thing out of her mouth was that she was beginning to think I was on some sort of fast track and that we might have a baby tonight with my contractions coming every one to three minutes. Contractions every one to three minutes?! WHAT? Turns out, I had back labor! That means you don't feel the normal contractions, it's just constant pain in your back. The contraction monitor was pointed away from the bed and it never occurred to me to turn it and look at it since I had been told that cramping was possible. Guys, I was so relieved!! I laughed and told her I felt really terrible but didn't want to complain if it was just cramps. She asked about my pain level and if I wanted anything for it, or if I wanted her to check my progress. But since J.B. was sleeping and she'd be back in a couple of hours, I just decided to wait it out. 

So I ended up laboring through the rest of the wee hours of the morning while J.B. dozed on the couch. Once I knew I was actually in labor, I felt like a champion. I could do this! It wasn't the most blissful experience but it was totally manageable.
Brit checked me at 5am to see if the cytotek had done anything and boom! I was 8cm dilated! She was amazed! So she starts the pitocin to get the contractions going a little more and I asked to get hooked up on an epidural. Stat, haha. 

The epidural. Needle in the spine. Woah. 
Not going to lie,  I wasn't in the best of moods about it. I'd been a bad pregnant lady and read too many ugly birth stories. But the anesthesiologist was quick and it really was almost painless. Seriously nothing! Thank goodness!

By now, it's around 7am. I've got the epidural juices flowing. For the first time, I'm feeling super comfy.

My OB swings by to say hi and checks me herself. 9 cm this time! She says it looks like she'll see me in a little while and heads off to her practice {around the corner from the hospital}.
And time creeps on. I'm comfy and numb. The only side effect that I had from the epidural was that it gave me the shakes. Essentially, I was shivering for hours, but I wasn't cold. So weird and a little hilarious.

By now, its a normal hour of the day and family starts to show up. We're all just sitting around the hospital room, watching tv and talking about how excited we were for Jake to get here.
I get a new nurse, Julie {appropriate because I kept thinking she looked like a blond Julia Roberts}. And about once an hour Julie checks me. No change. No change. No change. Although I'm in no pain, it's still frustrating to be so close, but never quite there {plus, day time television is awful}.

Finally it's 1pm and still no change. I'd been at 9cm for five hours!  Julie tells me that she thinks Jake's head is turned a little to the side and he's stuck.. It's keeping the labor from progressing until he turns it about another 45 degrees. So she tries this nursing trick called "The Wedge". Basically she and another nurse turn me on my side and start tucking rolled up pillows and blankets all around me and under my belly in the weirdest way. I laid that way for hour, hoping that little man would shift.
 An hour later, and sure enough, he's moved! I was finally 10cm and ready to push!

Jacob Aaron Wilder arrived at 4:34pm after about an hour of pushing.
7lbs, 3 oz and 20 inches long. He was beautiful and he came out squalling. 

 The nurses took him over to the little baby table to clean him up a bit and J.B. stood over them watching. But bless his heart, he kept coming back over to me in the bed while the doctor finished up. He couldn't decide where to be! He was a little frantic, saying, "I have to watch over both you now!" Oh, I just love that man.

Once the doctor and the nurses had finished with Jake and I, our family of three got a few moments to snuggle together. Goodness, he was sweet even from those first moments. We held him tight and just looked him all over. He has a head full of pretty brown hair and no birth marks that we can find. Most newborns look like little aliens for awhile, but we just kept thinking that he looked like a little doll. A tiny human version. Then again, we're pretty biased.
Here's our little man at about 30 minutes old...

About a half hour later J.B. took Jake to the nursery where they gave him his first bath and all the touching up a newborn needs.

Our hospital stay was busy and exhausting. We spent every moment trying to learn about our new little wonder, had tons of lovely visitors, and got almost no sleep. That's the thing about hospitals.

Now that we're home, we've tried to settle into a bit of a routine. It's been great for Jake, who is a wonderfully sweet baby. He eats well, sleeps well and loves to stare up at you with his big blue eyes {which I'm hoping will stay blue since both mine and J.B.'s are}.

He did have a bit of jaundice over the weekend so the pediatrician put him on the photo therapy lights for 48 hours. I thought I'd have a breakdown not being able to pick him up, but Jake loved laying on the lights so that made things so much easier.

He's off the lights now and has great levels. At one week old he rocked his last appointment and was already back up to his birth weight! The pediatrician was super impressed with our little champ!

My pups have been really excited to have Jake around. Delilah is interested in him, but keeps a respectable distance. She's a lazy girl. Denver, on the other hand, is completely obsessed with him. If he cries, Denver runs around next to you with the saddest look on his face. He just wants us to make Jake happy again. And when Jake is sleeping, Denver walks past his bassinet over and over again to check him. Even on the photo therapy lights, Denver kept watch.

All in all, things are going well. I'm a week out and feeling great! I was weeding some flower beds this morning and have been running around like normal.  .

Thanks so much for all your congratulations and comments. We're having a blast as a family of three!
{or five! if you count my precious furbabies}


  1. Y'all are awesome :) I can't wait to see the little guy. That's hilarious about Delilah and Denver. I think our dogs will do much the same thing.

  2. So sweet!! I have been anticipating your entry about his delivery, and I'm so glad that it all went well :) I just cried reading all of it because I'm so overjoyed with the beauty of it all and the massive amounts of love and joy! If you need anything at all, I'm just a phone call/text away. Love you all so much!!