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Monday, March 19, 2012

39 Weeks

Well folks, this is the end of the ride.


J.B. and I are headed to the hospital tonight to meet Baby Jake! Ekk!!! 
Why tonight, you ask? Well, apparently, I'm having a bobble-head. For real.

At our appointment last week, my obstetrician decided to do one last ultrasound to see what was going on with the little guy. Since he's been flipping all over the place, she wanted to make sure he had settled head-down. And since I'm so petite {sans baby, haha}, she also wanted to check out his weight.

The good news is that Jake has finally turned his little breeched butt around! The less thrilling news was that my fella' is measuring in the 99th percentile in head size.
 Yup, my own little bobble-head baby!
{clearly there is no doubt that he is his father's son, bless him}

Since he was already up to 7 1/2 lbs at that appointment last week, my OB thought we should probably get a move on soon.
So off to the hospital we go!

For all of those that have been following along, thanks so much!
And for all my curious pregnant friends, here's a recap of my last 9-10 months:

Never had any morning sickness {high five!}

 Gained a total of 18 pounds, distributed pretty evenly throughout all three trimesters. I like to think that all of it is pretty front and center, but I guess we'll see how it goes...

 Never had many specific cravings, I just love food! If there is a commercial on tv that looks good, I am in. My favorite junk foods, like hot wings and pizza, were just a million times more delicious!

While Baby Jake has never really been one to kick or punch me in any kind of painful way throughout this whole pregnancy, he changed positions allllllll the time. It gets pretty painful when he decides to move his little bum from one side of my body to another!

He also was a hiccuping machine. Especially in the final trimester, he got the hiccups four to five times a day. It was super adorable at first, but honestly in the end, it kind of lost it's charm. The old wives tale is that having the hiccups a lot means the baby has good lung function. Fingers crossed!

 My only real issue throughout the pregnancy was sleep. I've had insomnia the entire time. But a mild sleep aid  has helped drastically.

 Best part? I think finding out the sex. That was when the fun really started. He had a name and little personality already. I was officially going to be a mom to a crazy, scruffy little boy.

 Worst part? The last few weeks. Starting around 34 weeks or so I got really uncomfortable {and large!}. Ironically, laying or sitting down was the worst. Which kinda stinks when that's all your body wants to do. A big part of it is that the anticipation gets super crazy then too. You're tired of being pregnant and you want to meet your kiddo. You're just... done. 

 I haven't had much swelling here at the end either. In the last few days, my feet will occasionally swell a bit if I'm standing for too long, but a couple days of that has been no biggie.

 Never experienced any Braxton Hicks contractions.

All in all, it's been a really great and easy pregnancy! But I'm incredibly nervous about everything to come! Even if I can convince my brain to not think about the whole labor concept, I'm still super anxious about being a mom to a newborn! Me? Really? A mom??
Here goes nothing!

Wish us luck!!!

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