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Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I just couldn't do it.
I tried. And failed.

Can you blame me? I'm super pregnant! And a holiday filled with chocolates and candy? It was too much. So I caved.

But what kind of crafter would I be if I didn't spiff it up a little. 

Happy Valentine's Day to my sweet love.

{p.s. for J.B. - the one on the left might be missing a piece. I gave it to a friend}

{p.p.s. for everyone else - "a friend" is typically code for Baby Jake. It normally goes something like this... Are we having dessert tonight? I'm asking for a friend.  or  Is it time to go put sweatpants on? I'm asking for a friend.}

I've told you many times that J.B. and I aren't really into the typical Valentine's Day cheese-fest. 

We make our own Valentine's Day.
We'd much rather rent a Redbox and snuggle together on the couch with grilled cheese than fight the holiday crowds at the restaurants. And instead of a $4.99 card that someone else wrote, I got a hand written love letter this morning. Take that Hallmark.
Last year {when I had a smidge of self restraint from the boxes of chocolates} I made J.B some heart shaped red velvet cupcakes

Cynics might say that our love is cheap.

But I'd say that our love is pretty darn priceless.  


Want to know how to make these chalkboard chocolate boxes? 
It's pretty simple...

I primed the top with a darker paint color.
 {chalkboard paint is super thin and I didn't want to put on a billion layers}
Painted two coats with the chalkboard paint. Waited several hours for the paint to dry.
Then set it by rubbing chalk all over the surface.
Wipe off with a damp rag and decorate!

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