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Monday, February 13, 2012

Will You Be My Valentine?

I like the concept of Valentine's Day.
Don't get me wrong, I love my hubby 365 days of the year. But I think it's kinda fun to have an excuse one day out of the year to be all warm and giggly.

Having said that, I don't think we've ever done any of the typical Valentine's Day stuff. I'm pretty sure that he's never gotten me flowers on February 14th. Or a silly stuffed animal. Or a box of assorted candy.
{too bad, cause I really love those little chalky word heart candies - hint hint J.B.}

But we did have a date night on Saturday. 
A movie {The Vow - enjoyed it, didn't cry} and a shopping excursion. 
Technically all of the shopping was practical stuff for baby Jake {bath tub, blankets, bottles, etc} but it was a fun time anyway. I love that J.B. and I seriously enjoy doing everything together. It makes being married to him kinda awesome.
So for us, tomorrow will probably be a pretty low key day. 

But what about you? Do you have a special someone this year? Are you doing anything out of the ordinary to celebrate your sweetie?

Maybe you need some last minute ideas...

Like cute food to make:

Or some decorations to toss up:

{via Better Homes and Gardens}

Do you have kids that send out Valentine's Day cards?



{via Keepin' It Real blog}

I hope you and yours have a special day tomorrow!!
And lots of love from the me!

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