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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

the nursery walls

Is it me or does the artwork in a room sometimes cost a small fortune?
Sometimes it's a custom framing or maybe just purchasing that perfect print, but wowza, decorating your walls can really add up quickly .

Not so for Baby Jake's nursery. Check out his artwork.

This little print on Jake's door is actually super simple. I designed it on my computer and stuck the print in a frame.
I have some plans to make a custom door hanger once he's born. But in the meantime, a little print out in a nice frame works great.
{frame from Target}

This piece hangs over his changing table. While it took some time to accomplish, this was actually incredibly simple to make. And I'm totally in with love the look.
I grabbed several sheets of gingham printed scrapbook paper. Then I ran those pages through the printer to print the alphabet letters on them. I used a bold font and selected the outline option for this.
From there, I cut out each of my letters with an exacto knife. This is the part that takes time, but I just flipped on a good movie one evening and cut away.
Finally I arranged the letters and attached it them to a piece of white poster board.

 I spent $20 on this big white frame from Hobby Lobby.
Add in about $2 in paper and a scrap piece of poster board and boom! A great display for under $25!

And my favorite.
Once we settled on the Hungry Caterpillar bedding, I thought it would be a great idea to incorporate some more beautiful Eric Carle artwork in the room. I found all kinds of prints available on the internet, but did I really want to pay $20-$30 per print, plus the cost of framing? Umm, no.

So I cheated the system. These prints came from an Eric Carle book called "Do Kangaroos Have Mothers Too?"
Yup, that's right. I bought a book and cut out the illustrations. The book cost me $7.50 and the frames were $10 each. A lovely gallery wall for under $75!
{Target frames again}

It's nice to know that Jake's nursery doesn't have any bare walls and that I didn't spend my last dollar on artwork. 


  1. Your prints are so cute! I can't believe you cut out each letter. It looks amazing.

  2. Ha, I am long past the baby stage and had no idea who Eric Carlise is. I thought your theme was a bookworm because you both love to read so much :-) But either way, I love it!

  3. have you seen on pintrest all the different hungry hungry catepillar ideas also, love that book? Very cute birthday party for that theme. I think its so cool that you framed the book pages, I actually have calendars saved of kim anderson(when my pregnant day comes and if the baby is a girl, of course ;).) and then one of an artist in painting that I love and one day will complete decorating in my bathroom by using those pictures. SO simple and well cost effective, plus I think just adds more personality to your home and own personality.

    1. I actually had no idea that the Hungry Caterpillar was so "in" until after I had purchased this bedding and started working on the nursery. Then it was EVERYWHERE. I like to think that I'm a trendsetter, but really I'm just clueless and happened upon it. Love the theme though! The birthday parties look so fun!