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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Baby Shower

A few weeks ago these lovely girls

threw the sweetest shower for Baby Jake.

The invites...
I love them. So stinkin' cute. 
From TinyPrints. {ya'll saw that coming, right?}

Everything was "rain shower" themed, which ended up being completely perfect because it actually poured rain all day that Saturday.

I received "advice" from everyone on how to be a great mom. 
 Some of the advice was great.

Other advice? Not so helpful. 

{I'll give you one guess as to whose loving husband filled this out, haha}

Onesies were decorated for Baby Jake...

And his gigantic stack of presents were opened.
{followed by the obligatory baby shower talk - "aww!" and "how cute!!" - everything is so adorable!}

Our friends and family are already seriously spoiling our little man.


It was the perfect afternoon. 
I'm so excited for Baby Jake to get here and meet all of the fantastic people that already love him!

Especially these three...

And just going to show how great minds think a like, 
here are the hostess gifts I put together for them.

Yup, rain boots and umbrellas. Rain shower themed. 
Scary how we think alike, right?

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