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Monday, February 6, 2012

33 Weeks

Well, here I am. 33 weeks along.

Is it me, or has time begun to stand still? It definitely feels that way when you start to get really pregnant. Plus I can't say that its the most comfortable feeling in the world. I am still bumping this belly on things all the time. I forget that I can't fit in certain places anymore. Sometimes I feel like this pregnancy is one silly story after another.

Story time: 
Last week I went thru the drive thru at the bank. I pulled up and reach out my window to grab that tube thing. Annnnnd I dropped it. Outside the car {insert a couple lines of profanity here}.
I open my door to get out and pick it up, but I've pulled up close enough to the drive thru thingie that my door only opens about 7-8 inches. Hmm. I'm afraid to pull my car forward or backward for fear that the tube thing is under one of my tires and I'll smash it. So I'm poking my head out the window trying to figure my way out of this predicament.
At this point the teller in the window has been watching me and {having accidentally left her microphone on, I assume} is giggling at me. 

Truth: I didn't take this too kindly either. 

So I open my door that 7-8 inches again, and begin to crawl out of the car. I'm squeezing and wiggling with my feet along the running boards of my SUV and my arms on the roof. It took me about a minute to shimmy my belly out and I'm 100% sure that I looked completely ridiculous.

 I hear a gasp and an "Oh my goodness!" I didn't turn to look, but I bet that was the moment when the once giggly teller realized that I was 8 months pregnant. Awesome.

I look around under the car for the tube {bending over that low was another feat} and realize that it has actually rolled completely across the parking lot. So I hobble over to get it, toss in my deposit and send it off to Giggle Face inside. Finally I began the super fun process of shimmying my way back into the car. By the time I'm back in and get myself together, I hear a meek voice..."Umm, are you ok, Mrs. Wilder?"
"Yup, I'm great." 
I mean, how do you even reply to that?

I'm such a dork.
Annnnnnd, that's why I can never show my face at that bank again. Sweet.

Back to the post:

Despite all my silly shenanigans, Baby Jake will be here in just a few more weeks! Praise Jesus.
He's measuring a bit big and I'm, well, .... not a big person? My doctor anticipates that he'll probably be a little earlier than my due date. Which is obviously a-okay with with me.
Right now the little critter is still breech, so I'm hoping he turns his happy bum around in the next week or two. A c-section is definitely not on my bucket list.

All the anticipation is kind of fun though. I had three wonderful friends throw us a shower this weekend {more on that later}. I had a fantastic time and we got all kinds of goodies for Jake. Now I just need to sort through everything and make a list of what's left to purchase. Plus pack a hospital bag sometime. And set up the car seat sometime. And maybe clean my house? Between my own neat freak personality and the "nesting" mindset that comes with pregnancy, I'm a woman on a mission these days. Beware.

We went to a few newborn classes in the past month and were able to take a tour of the hospital facilities. All of that calmed some of my nerves. That, and the fact that I might as well accept my fate. I'm having a baby. Yup. I just keep telling myself that tons of people have babies every single day. They say that you figure it all out when the time comes, so I'm going with the "I'll just wing it" theory. Reassuring to you guys, right? ... I promise, I really am super excited!!

As for the little details:
Nope, still no morning sickness {knock on wood!}
Nope, no stretch marks yet.
No, I haven't had any weird cravings.
Yes, I still have an "innie" {though its getting very shallow... uh-oh!}
Yes, I'm pretty uncomfortable.
Yes, he kicks and turns and does crazy ninja moves constantly.
Yup, I have completely ludicrous dreams at night.
Yes, I still eat hot wings all the time, haha.

49 days left!

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