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Monday, January 30, 2012

Jake's nursery

I've had a ridiculous amount of fun setting up a sweet nursery for my little man. 
And while it's not totally complete, I want to share how things are going.

So come on in!

Since we really don't have that many practical items yet {just the cute ones!} the changing table is still a catch all. I hope to set up all those go-to baby items here later on.

And we've saved a couple of empty shelves and baskets. 
You know, for the things Jake might actually use!

I can't decide exactly what I'd like to put in these white IKEA frames. Pictures of J.B. and I? Ultrasound pictures? Wait and then fill with newborn photos?
Decisions, decisions.

Our sweet bedding came from Pottery Barn Kids. 
I love the Eric Carle's Very Hungry Caterpillar theme!

This cute little storage bench in the window alcove came from IKEA.
And the knit throw from a good friend. 
{why don't I know how to knit?!}

I stitched up that fake roman shade myself. Since this is the only window in the room, I didn't dare block any of the already limited natural light. But to leave the window blank looked icky. Some blue gingham with a little white stripe did the trick!

Yes. I'm brave. I have white furniture and a white chair and ottoman. Once I decided to get this set from IKEA, the decision to go with white was actually an easy one. The soft canvas covers are removable on both of these pieces, and I figured with white I could easily bleach out any stains that I needed to.
Here's hoping the white works out!

J.B. and I fashioned those book display shelves from just a few pieces of lumber. 
More on that project later this week!
Those prints on the wall are a bit of my own creation. 
I'll also show you this week how to save a bundle on artwork!
This globe was actually salvaged from my father-in-law's yard sale! 
I thought about repainting the trim white, but the gold accent just seems perfect.

And I love all my little Eric Carle stuffed animals throughout the room! It seems that these sweet characters are very in this year!

The details:
The changing table, crib and bookcases all came from Target.com
The 123 baskets, chair and ottoman, and storage bench are all from IKEA.
The dresser was a bargain from Essex.
 I made all the wall art myself {more on that later in the week}.
The paint color is "Homestead Resort Parlor Sage" {geez what a name!} from Valspar.

** To see more about the wall art in Jake's room, go here. **
** To see a tutorial for the wooden book displays, go here. **


  1. Awww! So sweet to see Jake's space. He will love it. The throw is actually crocheted. Don't give me credit for knitting. That's way too hard for me. Crocheting only takes 1 needle, and I think it's super simple (why DON'T you know how? Maternity leave project!) I am honored to see it in his room, though! Thinking of y'all daily!

  2. I love the room! It's so calm and colorful at the same time. Pottery Barn is the best! Great job, mama!

  3. just saw this on pintrest, hope it pulls up cause you will love it...http://pinterest.com/pin/37928821831249825/

    1. Courtney I DO love this! I've seen these awesome "outfit" for newborn pictures all over Pinterest, but the Hungry Caterpillar one beats them all! :)

  4. Love the crib! Is that the Graco Charleston?

    1. Yes! It's the 4-in-1 so it will convert to other bed styles. It was pretty simple to put together and we've enjoyed it so far. (though Jake has yet to actually sleep in it!)