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Friday, January 27, 2012

Frequently Asked Questions

I love getting emails from you guys about things.

Sometimes it's a new idea for a project.
Sometimes it's a nice note about something you enjoyed here.
Sometimes it's to tell me how crappy I am about not using spell check. {dang it!}
But more often than not, it's to ask a question.

And here are some of the questions {and answers!} that you ask the most.

- I love your dogs! What kind are they?

My pups. My fur babies. They are my very best friends.

J.B. and I got Denver as a little puppy a few months before we got married.  He's 3 and is one of the happiest dogs ever. He's incredibly smart and loves everyone. Seriously.
To actually answer the question and stop bragging, yes, he's a chocolate lab.

Delilah, my princess. She rules the roust in our house. At any given time, she is doing one of two things: wrestling with Denver or sleeping. That's pretty much it. She loves to snuggle and be petted - which is incredibly convenient if you're looking for a giant pillow. That coat of hers is soft soft soft!
Ah, right, the question. She's a Great Pyrenees and is two now.

Both pups weigh in around 100 lbs.

 - Just curious, how old are you?

Well. I guess I haven't hit that stage in life where it's not polite to ask how old a lady is...
Ok ok, I'm kidding, I don't mind. 
I'm 25. Actually I'll be 26 in... {counting on my fingers...}... 11 days. 
So let's just go with 26, I suppose.

 - I've seen the jars on the counter in your kitchen. 
What do you keep in those?

Ido keep six jars on the counter of my kitchen. I originally put them there decoratively, but as I've begun to cook more and more, they've become incredibly convenient!

To the left of the stove there are jars containing granulated sugar, brown sugar, and then powered sugar.

To the right of the stove there are jars containing flour, corn starch, and dog treats {I obviously don't use those in cooking...}

These jars came from Old Time Pottery, but I've seen them at Pier One too. I made little vintage paper labels for them that are tied on with twine. I wasn't sure how well the labels would hold up, but its been over a year so far.
 - I enjoyed your Books of 2011 post. What are you reading now?

Well, I just finished two books by Caragh O'Brien, Birthmarked and Prized. Dystopia, go figure. Loved them both!

Next up, I'll be wading through What to Expect: The First Year since Baby Jake's arrival is getting pretty close. I was also sent a copy of a book that a friend of mine wrote {yes, a college friend of mine wrote a book - how cool is that?!}. I'll be reading and reviewing it soon. I'm excited!

 - I saw your stitched book pages and wanted to try them myself. I like the idea of changing them with the holidays, but haven't been able to come up with any simple designs. Thoughts?

Did you see the tutorial for the Stitched Book Pages that I did last fall? I'm still enjoying them!  But I do understand that coming up with a simple design to stitch on paper isn't always easy. I had a failed snowflake attempt myself during the Christmas season.

Here's what's in the frames right now:

My best suggestion would be not only to think on the holidays that you celebrate, but also on the seasons themselves. Instead of focusing on Christmas, maybe think just winter? If you're stuck on a March theme, think over to something about spring perhaps.

 - I saw a bicycle pillow in your living room that I just love. Where did you get it??

This one right? 
It's from the Pottery Barn Outlet.
I picked it up in October, but maybe you could find one online?

I hope I answered some questions for a few of you! Now I'm off to enjoy the sunshine this weekend with my hubby and fur babies. 

Be sure to check back in next week. I'm ready to show off Baby Jake's new nursery!!

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