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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Duds for a Little Man

Buying baby clothes is the absolute most fun ever.
It's also quite addicting.

I've had a blast picking out the cutest clothes for my little fella' these last few months. 
With no real pressure to have any specific sizes at the moment, I can shop sales and pick up little things here and there to add to his closet.

And I have to admit, Baby Gap is usually my favorite place to go. Combine their sale prices with the 40% off the entire store sale and I can easily get Baby Jake all kinds of quality duds for next to nothing.

Plus, their clothes are adorable.
My husband, who usually looks like he fell out of a Gap ad campaign, is a big fan too. He wants nothing more than a little mini-me in sweater vests and loafers. 
Practical? Probably not. But a girl can try right?

Here's what I've been browsing lately...

Some sweet onesies for lounging around the house with Mom.

Some preppy clothes to look just like Daddy.

Some cute hats to keep his little noggin' warm.
{umm, Roll Tide on the elephant hat!}

Some adorably tiny swimsuits for fun days out on the boat!
{Baby Jake got the whale swimsuit for this summer.}

Socks {maybe a pair or two of shoes} for his little toes.

And comfy pajamas for snoozing.

 Even if his little closet fills up, I don't think I'll be able to stop picking out duds for my little man!

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