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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Crafts {day 3}

Are some of you hosting dinners or parties this year?
We'll have a house full on Christmas Eve for dinner and presents. So amidst my sprucing and cleaning, I've also tried to make some little Christmas nick knacks for the season.

And what's even better... this Christmas craft was 100% free. {!!}

I saw something like this from Martha Stewart last year. I hope I'm remembering it correctly.
{I lost all my precious bookmarks when my laptop crashed last month}

Here's what you need: 
 - hot glue/gun
- evergreen or spruce twig {off your tree!}
 - card stock place cards
 - several sticks that are about the same width {dime size}

I created these on my computer in a simple Microsoft Word Document. 
Tip: Notice that the names aren't centered in the boxes. Since the stick and spruce cover up parts of the page, I adjusted them more toward the top left corner.

J.B. and I walked into the woods behind our house and grabbed some similar looking sticks. Keep an eye on the widths and make sure they're straight-ish. I had him cut the pieces down to four inch lengths. You'll need two sticks for each place card.

 The spruce twig was my biggest dilemma. We have an artificial Christmas tree so I couldn't just snip a little piece off. I dropped by Lowe's to see if they had a tiny little something I could buy that would have some real snippets on it. 
And duh! Lowe's sells real Christmas trees! 
My first thought was to grab a broken piece or two off the ground outside. When I asked the lady if that was okay, she kind of giggled at me. Then told me that when customers buy the trees, they cut them down to size and take off the bad branches for you. They had two huge trash boxes of little limbs just like this! They were so excited for me to grab a little branch out for my project, how funny!

 So once you have your items, just glue them together. First, card to the back stick.
Then glue a little twig on the front right side.

 Then glue the front stick on.

 Sidebar: Does anyone else kind of wonder how to write people's names out on things like this? For example, Alice is my Grama. So to some of us, she's "Grama", but to others she is "Mom" or "Alice".
There will be four "Dads" in the room, three "Moms", two "Gramas". I just decided to play it safe and go with everyone's first name. I think we can all figure that out easily enough.

Anyway, love how these turned out. So glad I banked Martha's picture in my brain!!

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  1. I love these! I can't wait to make them for when we host Christmas next year.