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Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Cards

I've been rocking and rolling this Christmas season. My house is pretty much decorated, my gifts are mostly purchased, and my Christmas cards are finished! Feels awesome!!

We're big Christmas card people. I love sending and receiving them! 

We like to send out a photo card each year. Its a nice, simple way to check in with people we love, some of which we don't get to see very often. And of course, I always keep a copy for myself to hang on to over the years. In 2009, our card had a wedding picture on it "from the newlyweds". In 2010 we had a sweet picture of us with our puppies. And this year, our photo is of just J.B. and I, with a very obvious bundle of joy on the way.

I've been a pretty exclusive TinyPrints customer for the last few years. Whether I'm ordering address labels, stationary, or cards, I just love all of their designs. Their customer service is also pretty fantastic {once I totally goofed up my order and they fixed it perfectly}.

Here are a few of my favorite designs this year...

I also like that you can customize everything from the shape of your card to a lot of what it says. 
{I'm kind of a stickler for my card saying "Merry Christmas" rather than "Happy Holidays"}

This year I did browse around a little. I checked out Minted and PaperSource as well. 
Both had great designs too. Just not quite enough to tear me away from my regular place. 

My dad would say that TinyPrints {as well as the other two I mentioned} are very proud of their cards, meaning they can be a bit pricey. But if you keep an eye on the website or get their promo emails, they run a lot of good specials. I got free shipping plus 20% off my order this year!

Best of luck with your own cards!!

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