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Friday, December 30, 2011

2012 Calendar

Wow, December 30th? Really? 2011 seems to have flown by!

I've decided to bring in 2012 with a new linen calendar for our office. Remember this one that I made in *ahem* April of last year... 
Well, I've loved it ever since. But its time for some new dates!

So this year I decided to go with a simple lace pattern at the top and followed the exact same tutorial.
{this is an abbreviated version, check out the full tutorial for all the tips!}

Print out your calendar on transfer paper first.
{make sure to print out the mirror image!}

 Mine are 5x7 this year. 

Then lay the calendar face down on your fabric and iron for 2 minutes.

 Once its cool, trim the edges. Then peel.


I attached my months together with a simple black ribbon again and stuck it right back up on my woven bulletin board.

I'm so ready for 2012!
Happy New Year, friends!!

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