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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

stenciled onesies {tutorial}

Last week while J.B. was out of town, I decided to focus all of my complete boredom into some new things for Baby Jake. I had purchased some blank onesies from Kohl's when they had them on a major sale. 
Time to vamp them up!

Love this quick and easy way to make ANY onesie you want!

For this project you'll need:
 - a blank oneise
 - freezer paper
 - fabric paint*
 - a small paint brush
 - a razor blade or exacto knife

*{I like to use screenprint paint. It dries nice and soft on the fabric. You can't feel a bit of difference.}

First, find your design. I like to use simple shapes and typically Google the image I'm looking for. Today I'm doing three designs, so you'll get to see all of them.

Trace your design onto the freezer paper {waxy side down}. 
The freezer paper is thin enough that you should be able to see right through it to your pattern.

Use your exacto knife to cut out each of the images to create a stencil. Remember, this is a stencil, so keep any of the important center pieces {like the nose parts on my aviator glasses}.

Then iron the freezer paper stencil onto the onesie {waxy side down}. Make sure to get those little center pieces down too if you have any.

Now paint! Don't forget to put something in the middle of the onesie so the paint doesn't bleed through.
I love how I really don't have to stay in the lines with these, haha.

Sometimes if you're using a dark paint or painting on a dark fabric, you might need to do an additional coat of paint. 

Peel off your freezer paper once the paint has dried. Occasionally you might need to do a little bit of touching up on the edges. Or maybe that just us OCD folks....
And here are my finished products!

I love how personal you can make these! And I did all three of them in less than an hour.

Not into any onesies? Check out these tutorials for some other ideas with painting and freezer paper:


  1. I've tried googling to find the aviator image and I can't find a good one! I wish I knew what you searched to find yours!!!

  2. I usually try to google the word "silhouette" with the item too. Sometimes that helps! Here's the one I used, but I always like to modify them a little...


    Good luck! :)

  3. What brand of screen print paint do you use and where do you buy it???

  4. When I'm working with fabrics, I actually like to use screen printing paint over regular fabric paints. They are a lot more malleable to the fabrics. I like to use Simply Screen Paint from Hobby Lobby. You can usually find it on the same aisle as the fabric paints. If not, look a couple of rows over, specifically with the screenprinting items.

  5. Have you ever printed on a different materiel then cotton? I am thinking about using a kickee pants onesie which is 95% viscose from bamboo and 5% spandex. Just curious if it would be more likely to bleed.