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Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Wooden Canvas

This has been quite the ongoing project.

Back in this post, I told you about my stairwell and how lame it was. So I've been slowly but surely been working to vamp it up a little bit. J.B. and I added some board and baton wainscoting to the walls going up the stairs and in the foyer at the top of the stairs. 
We also bought some great pendant lights to hang in the stairwell {haven't gotten those up yet}.
And I was bound and determined to create a piece of art to take up some space on those huge walls. 

So here we are.

And here it is!

I salvaged some old fence wood from the April tornadoes and had my hubby cut the pieces down to size for me. This whole "wood canvas" piece is about 6 feet tall by 2 1/2 feet wide.

We lined up the cut pieces and secured them from the back.

{In retrospect, showing you my wooden piece on top of my wooden deck as a background probably wasn't the wisest choice I've ever made.}

I decided to use a stencil to write the fruit of the spirit from Galatians.

Traced first with a sharpie.

Then finished with some grey paint to cover. 

I must say, J.B. and I did have to channel several of these qualities while we were hanging this piece. It's on the back wall of a 19 foot stairwell and it weighs about 50 pounds.
After borrowing a nifty 20 foot stair ladder from our next door neighbor {thanks A.J.!} it only took us two hours and one trip to Lowe's to get this beast up.
And in all fairness, most of that time I was sitting at the top of the stairs whispering "please don't fall, please don't fall, please don't fall" to J.B..
Thank goodness for handy husbands!


  1. I love that! What a great idea!

  2. Very beautiful! A job well done. Just got me to thinking about something like this in my hallway.

  3. Did you sand down the wood before you did the stenciling? We are using old pallet wood and I stenciled but the texture is kind of rough.