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Monday, October 17, 2011

Time Flies ...

This weekend, J.B. and I made the 6 hour trek to his hometown of Cleveland, Mississippi for his 10 year high school reunion. 

I've only met a small handful of people that grew up with J.B. - like his best friend to this day, B.J.
{yes, J.B. and B.J. are BFF - completely comical}
so I was excited to find out some more dirt on my mischievous husband. And going to Cleveland is always an adventure for me. Cleveland totally makes me think of small town America. It seems like everyone knows everyone else and all of the businesses there are locally owned and operated.

The reunion was held the same weekend as the town's Octoberfest celebration, which brings out tons and tons BBQ competitors {southern BBQ, yum!!} and various craft makers. Friday night, we meet up with a lot of his former classmates as the festival excitement began. Dozens and dozens of BBQ smokers covered the city square as we roamed from tent to tent to check everything out. Bands played, kids jumped around in the inflatables and the smell of funnel cakes filled the air. 
Of course, this preggo chick had her fair share of good eats. I never did find out who won the BBQ competition, and I was very very disappointed that no one asked me to be a judge...

Saturday we took a tour through his old high school.
J.B. assured me that absolutely nothing had changed and I got to giggle at his goofy senior picture hanging on the wall.  It was a very different looking school that the one I had gone to. He graduated with a small class {100 or so} from a small high school in a small town. I graduated with a big class from a big high school that covered about seven different communities. So it was interesting to see the difference.

Saturday night we went to a catered dinner at a local restaurant called The Warehouse {which yes, used to be an old warehouse}. Not only was the food fantastic, but the location was amazing. They had an art gallery in one section and trades gallery in another with everything supported by local crafters and artists.

I really enjoyed meeting so many of his old friends. And though I endured endless stories about high school football games, being chased down the highway by police, and getting in trouble with everyone's mama, it was great to hear more about how J.B. had grown up.

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