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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Master Bath

Who got the final bathroom finished?? This girl!

You guys may remember me showing you my makeovers of this bathroom, this bathroom, and this bathroom forever ago. And well, the master bath just took its sweet time. That and it stays hidden away pretty safely when people come over.

Originally, I had this fantastic idea to hand stencil the walls. Kind of like these rooms...

I painted the bathroom a light grey, created my simple stencil, then went to work tracing it on the walls in a pale metallic color that just barely shimmered when it caught the light. It was amazing.
It also took me eight hours to do about 6 square feet of wall space. 

So I kinda gave up.

For 10 months or so.

Finally, I forfeited. I decided once and for all that I didn't have that kind of patience and that a new idea must  come to me. And that new idea was .... stripes!

Are you surprised? I kinda was. But I love the look now.
Taking pictures of this space was a bit of a chore because of all the angles, so I also added a little floor plan to keep you from being completely confused. 
Isn't that nice of me?

And sorry for the shadowy lighting - a tall tree outside this window doesn't provide for as much natural light as I'd like. But enough excuses...

My fake roman shade. I created some pleats and just sewed it all together. It doesn't move, which suits me just fine.

Finally done!
Now its time for a nap. :)


  1. That looks awesome! We are going to do vertical stripes above a chair rail with the color being solid on the bottom. I'm thinking 1 foot wide stripes? I'll have to draw on the wall and see what looks like it might work.

  2. Oh, and P.S. - I really admire the fact that you even started with the stencil idea. I did think of something though, couldn't you have cut out the stencil on say painters plastic, taped it with painters tape, and painted over it in sections to do it faster? Not sure how it would work exactly, just an idea.

  3. For what it's worth scale-wise, these are 12 inch ish stripes on eight foot ceilings. Maybe that'll give you an idea of how many you'll see.

    And I tried both tracing around a stencil and also the whole stencil out of plastic taped then to roll over it. Neither were super efficient. Sigh. Good thing these stripes worked out or I'd be super sad.