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Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween {the decor}

Happy Halloween!!

I'm sure those of you with kiddos are gearing up to go trick or treating tonight. And some of us spent the weekend at Halloween parties or Trunk or Treat events. 

I love fun holidays like Halloween. Even as an adult, its still fun to dress up like an idiot. :)

We had a little shindig at our house Saturday night with friends. Originally I was a little hesitant to host a party while pregnant {because my middle name is already "exhausted"} but when my friend Erin said she'd pitch in by bringing a lot of the food, I agreed.

And it wasn't until a few days before the party that I decided to decorate. I guess I felt silly initially since this was an all adult party. But I finally whipped up some Halloween spirit and broke out the festive decor.
I snapped a few pictures for you guys earlier in the day before the party got started.

I made some Halloween bunting out of scrapbook paper and twine to hang along the stairwell. 

I used a few old wine bottles at poison bottles. After peeling the labels, I wrapped black cardstock and the "vintage poison" printed labels around them. {found the labels here}

I had a couple of walls of bats. These really weren't tough to do either. I used a template to cut out several sizes, then attached them to the wall with painters tape. I love the effect and these made a great background for costume pictures too. {template found here}

And of course, what's a Halloween party without an overabundance of cobwebs in every corner? Simple, yet effective.

All in all the party was a great success! I'll be sure to share more with you about it tomorrow, including all the creative costumes!!

Have a safe and happy Halloween!!

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