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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

DIY Halloween Costumes

I can't believe that Halloween is right around the corner!
It's a favorite holiday of mine and J.B.'s and we love to celebrate with all kinds of silliness. We've been bummed the last two years to have been either moving or preparing to move around the end of October, so we skipped out on parties and costumes. 

 But no more of that!
This year, J.B. and I are throwing a little shindig of our own, so fun costumes are a must.
And because of this ever growing baby belly of mine, it looks like we'll be DIY-ing this year. And my costume idea is heavily under wraps.

But in the spirit of crafting and Halloween, I thought I'd share some super awesome DIY costume ideas that I've come across. Check these out....

The owl! Looove it!!

Lego Man. This seems so incredibly easy! But creative!

I'm not sure if J.B. and I could ever pull this off, but I think its absolutely amazing!

Gosh. So freaking cute. I love Up.

What about you guys? Have you come up with creative costumes of your own? Are you making or buying? Can't wait til Halloween!


  1. We are totally making our own. Unfortunately, my lips are sealed because ours are under wraps as well. BUT I can't wait :)

  2. Those costumes look very amazing, thank you very much for sharing this.