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Friday, September 30, 2011

Stitched Book pages

Story time.

So, my mom is a quilter. For as long as I can remember, she's always had some creative quilting project going. Bed quilts, baby quilts, decorative quilts - the woman can do everything.
At my parent's house there is this hallway to the kitchen and there is always a small quilt {2ft by 3ft ish} hanging in this hallway. The cool thing about it is that the quilts are always changing. She has a Christmas quilt, an Easter quilt, a 4th of July quilt, etc. They're colorful and detailed and always seasonal.

I got to thinking about those quilts the other day. See, I love to decorate for the seasons. A few times a year, I like to have spring time flowers or fall candles or winter decor. And I'd like to have my own "quilt wall" to change with the passing of the seasons. 

Problem is, I'm no quilter.
{and probably never will be, too impatient}

So I started brainstorming about what my own seasonal "quilt wall" could be.

And here is what I came up with:

Two frames on the wall in my living room. They hold worn out book pages with seasonal designs stitched on them. I'm a big fan.

Here's how I did it...

First, you need some old book pages. These came out of an old copy of the Grapes of Wrath. 
Can't go wrong there.

Next, I found some clip art online that I used as my pattern.

Traced these designs lightly in pencil onto my book page.
Can you see it?

Then I picked up some embroidery thread and stitched over the lines. 

It's simple work, though it can take a delicate hand. Paper will ripe easily. 
And it took a little practice before my stitches started to look even.

But they turned out like this!

To frame them, I grabbed a couple of frames from Target.
And also some linen fabric to use as a textured matte. 

I cut the linen to fit the frame...

Then glued it to the cardboard backing.

I elected not to attach the book page to the linen, for fear that any adhesive would rip the paper when I tried to take it down at the end of fall. I centered my book page face down on the glass and closed the frame. Everything held in place perfectly!

I'm excited to come up with some other patterns for the other seasons. I've already got one of my winter pages done.

I love this idea and its so easy to manipulate. 
Maybe sew on a favorite verse or saying. Maybe sew a child's name for their room.
All sorts of great things to play with.

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