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Friday, September 2, 2011

for the frame

It's amazing what you can put in a frame.

Lots of times when I'm working on a gallery wall or filling a frame with something other than a pictures, I use some of the fun, money saving tricks...

Like in my living room:

1. scrapbook paper behind a matte  2. a Google image, printed on white paper, behind a matte  3. scrapbook paper behind a matte  4. a legit print, came with matte already attached.

So these pictures {minus frames} cost me ... maybe $10 total? Even the "expensive" scrapbook paper is only about a $1/sheet. It sure helps when you're as fickle with decorating as I am.

Remember these pictures from one of my downstairs bathrooms?

{burlap frame tutorial h e r e}

That is printer paper. I printed out the word "dwell" in a favorite font, then printed out a neat tree, and glued three buttons on to these "pictures" before I framed them.
Free stuff, yay.

For a frame in this bathroom, I stitched a quote {after drawing it in pencil} onto a white piece of fabric.
Super simple.

{check out a quick tutorial  h e r e }

Again, free.

It all just goes to show that you don't have to spend a lot of money to decorate your house {also goes to show how incredibly cheap I am}.
Use what you have. Discover what colors and style you like and experiment.
And I can say from experience that you feel a whole lot better experimenting with printer paper and buttons that you might with a $50 art print.

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