H O M E                     A B O U T                      D I Y                      R E C I P E S                     S H O P

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Weather - 9685734, Sarah - 0

I know that there is some scientific reasoning to it. That any time the wind blows by my house somehow it is magnified ten-fold. I think it has something to do with the lay of the land and us living at the top of a little valley. The wind swoops down by the creek, up the hillside and BAM! hits my house.
{Any meteorologists that study weather vs land out there? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?}

So every time it storms, I scream and cuss inwardly. A lot.
{Won't you come join me in my brain? It's relaxing.}

In a nutshell, last night was one of those nights.
The backyard is full of limbs, it looks like a mack truck drove through my front porch, and I'm missing some siding on the house. On an another totally related note, I now loathe trees. Every last one of them. 
Luckily, I have absolutely nothing to do today. {lie}
In fact, I have a bajillion other things to do today. Like maybe finish one of 349587389 projects going on IN my house.

Sarah, pretending she's not an obnoxious homeowner since 2011. 
But lets think positively ...

1. If I manage surviving the clean up of the outside {and inside!} of my house then we have a crew of old friends coming over tomorrow. Yay!....

2. I suppose I also don't have to water the plants today ...

3. And I get to hang out with this cutie all week.

This is Jack. He's a black lab that lives with J.B.'s sister Kelly in Mississippi, but we're dogsitting for the week. Yes, that would be three 100 pound dogs under my roof now, thanks for counting. Essential that means there is some form of WWE wrestling going on between any two of the three at every moment of the day.
{Jack must also be part Native American because he doesn't like to look directly into the camera}

4. AND!! My brother, SIL and favorite niece are coming in town tomorrow!
{Don't judge me for my niece obsession. My family tree has always resembled a small stick and there are never any kids. Even when we were kids, there was just ... us.}

Have I whined enough for you to pardon me from the craft tutorial I was going to do for you today? What if I promise to post a new flower tutorial tomorrow? K, thanks. You're gonna love it! Now, I really do have to head off to work. Talk amongst yourselves.

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