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Monday, August 1, 2011

The Living Room

That's probably the best way to describe our living room.

We read.
We watch tv and movies.
We have friends over.
We even eat in there most nights {I know, I know...}
It gets used a lot.

It's not super big. Or fancy. 
But its comfortable. And I like it.

Check it out...

{hey pup!}

I just got this new armoire from Nadeau.
It's a distressed pale blue with bronze accents. I'm a big fan.

 I grabbed the coffee table and side table for a super price at Nina's. She was just starting to carry this builder's line and I got first set.

 The base of the tables was originally black ... remember??

 I like the distressed white much much better. 

A knock-off Pottery Barn pillow I made a few months back...
{do we need a tutorial for this?}

And the side table ...

 Are you nosy like me and want to know what books people have laying around?

But in all fairness, the living room is also filled with other things ....

I'm liking the changes thus far. But ya'll know me, I'm fickle.
Here's hoping this living room makes it for a little while!

UPDATE: Go { h e r e }  to see the faux fireplace we've since added to the living room!


  1. I just stumbled upon your blog and LOVE LOVE LOVE it! You are so creative! I'm definitely going to steal some of these ideas!