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Monday, August 22, 2011

Catching Up.

My life has been somewhat nuts lately. I feel like we should catch up.

Let's see... we went to Disney World for our anniversary.

It was really hot and pretty crowded, but we had a great time regardless. The Huntsville airport also just started a new direct {and cheap!} flight to Orlando, so instead of the 10 hour drive, we just hopped on a plane for an hour and a half. Amazing how much more wonderful that makes the trip!!
I think we're probably tapped out on Disney for awhile though. Maybe when our kids {you know, the ones that we don't even have yet} get old enough to go, we'll head back.


Also, my older brother, sister-in-law, and niece came in town!!
David got back from his second deployment at the end of July and they made a trip to Alabama to see us! Most of the family hadn't met sweet Olivia yet so it was beyond exciting {I've told you guys my family has no kids in it right? Well, except Olivia now. We're all enamored!}

Isn't she the cutest thing ever?? She grabbed this spatula off my counter one evening and you'd have thought it was the best toy ever. I love it!
We went out on the boat {even Olivia}, went to the Botanical Gardens and had lots of family get togethers. I so wish that they lived closer!!


Somewhere in all this I did some pretty lame and normal things too. Like went to the movies to see The Help. Oh my goodness! It's so wonderful!!

Go see it!! My husband really enjoyed it too, so take a date!


Unfortunately the rest of my free time has been spent feel icky. I had a three day migraine that has been followed by a week long cold.
I suppose the silver lining is that I've finally caught up with all the recordings on my DVR and begun reading a few new books. I'm into this one now, kind of wondering where its going. 

Yes, there is movie coming out, which I'm afraid might be terrible...
I'll let you know.

Stick around for some new tutorials and recipes this week! Have a happy Monday!!

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