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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

button thank you notes {tutorial}

I don't know about you, but I collect buttons. Not necessarily on purpose either. Whether they come with a new coat or shirt or if I just pick up a cute set for next to nothing in some dollar bin at the craft store, I've somehow ended up with ton of buttons. I've been brainstorming ways I can use some of these little guys to try to clean out my collection. 
Well ... the rest is history I guess.

 - assortment of buttons
 - a blank notecard
 - hot glue/gun or superglue

First, I ran my note card through the printer to get the stems/leaves and "thank you" printed on it. Don't over-agonize about this! Mine are just straight lines and little octagons. If you're not big on the computer idea, feel free to draw it yourself!
It is DIY after all!

If you do a lot of these handmade thank you cards, you might want to think about saving your settings. I actually created a specific design size and print setting in Microsoft Word {so easy!} so each time I want to print out a card, I just open that card document, design, and then print with my pre-selected settings.

Lay out your buttons then break out the glue!

Then write out your card and mail! So creative and simple!

This idea would also work well with party invitations, every day stationary, and even birthday and holiday cards! Here's a few more button designs that I love:

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