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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Two Years Ago ...

Pardon my hiatus yesterday. It was happy holiday at our house - our anniversary!

I wonder how terrible it is for the rest of you to just carry on with your lives knowing that I've married the best man on the planet? Must be tough. Sorry ladies! {only kidding .... a  little}

Two years ago yesterday was the hottest day ever. But I made a deal with God that if He kept it from raining on my outside wedding {with no real back up plan} then He could make it as hot as He wanted. He totally followed through on that one. Hottest day of the summer. In Alabama. Wowza.
But it was my perfect outdoor wedding. We got married at Locust Hill historic house in Tuscumbia, Alabama, which is a huge white downtown house restored to its very finest.

And everything came together. My older brother was originally was scheduled to be deployed to the Persian Gulf one week before my wedding. But at the last minute the Navy delayed his deployment two weeks and he and Melissa were able to fly to Alabama. He walked me down the aisle in his officer's uniform and I was so proud. My dad married us {how stinkin' incredible is that!}. And to our relief, J.B. and I both remembered the vows we had memorized. It was the perfect wedding ceremony. 

The after-party is still one that gets talked about. Just a few aspects of it:

- We had an incredible band from Nashville called The Unusual Suspects. They definitely came to have a good time. So fantastic!

 - A full dance floor of people having a blast. Blisters. More dancing!

 - I got the black accent icing from the wedding cake on my dress. Yup, black icing. I shrugged it off and thankfully, we got it off two weeks later with a Tide To-Go pen.
 - My maid of honor {my friend Erin} toasted J.B. and I by mocking every boyfriend I had growing up. Nothing like being embarrassed in front of everyone. And laughing until your stomach hurts at the same time.

 - Someone started the train. Everyone joined in. For several songs. Looking back, its both a little embarrassing and hilarious at the same time. We had fun, who cares right?

 - Who knew there were specific wedding sparklers? Not this girl. And when we left the wedding house  instead of a pretty glow of sparkler fire during our dramatic exit, we just had smoke. Oh well. {makes me laugh now}

It was the most wonderful day with everyone that I loved so much. Especially J.B. And here we are two years later, still having so many wonderful days together!
{Disney World tomorrow!}


  1. Happy Anniversary!

    We lived in Florence for 3 years and always enjoyed downtown Tuscumbia. It's so charming there! Your wedding sounds (and looks!) like it was wonderful. Enjoy Disney:)

  2. Thanks Lora! It was a wonderful day (but maybe I'm a little biased!)

    We miss The Shoals area as well (like Ricatoni's downtown!). But it's always a fun place to go back and visit.