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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Front Porch Week {the decor}

Ahhh, the end of 

Sad to see it go, but I've gotten so much done! 

Go { h e r e } to see more of the before pictures.
Go { h e r e } to check out the revamping of the front door. 
And scroll down to see the latest!

 {left side}

{right side}

The benches are Loma White Antique. We ordered them off overstock.com.

And my awesome husband built me the side tables. Isn't he so handy?!

There is a ton of old fence wood laying around in our area {thank you April tornadoes}, so I grabbed several pieces one day and drew up a simple plan for some crate-like side tables. J.B. cut the wood down and put these together. Totally free, winning!

Don't you just love the little succulent plants?! I do! I grabbed these plants and small terracotta pots from Lowe's. One thin, quick layer of white spray paint, then a little sanding gave them this great weathered look.

I looooove the large pots too {also from Lowe's and spray painted white}. The flowers are yellow lantanas with some creeping jenny vines around the outside edges.

Mason jars with some pea gravel and candles. 

Some khaki pillows {from the back of the "decor" closet} and some newly sewn striped pillows.

Overall, I'm super happy about how the space turned out! I'm sure there will be tons of tweeking in the future, but it feels wonderful to really enjoy the porch! 

Have a great weekend!!

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  1. It all looks really great! I especially love the front door w/the house numbers!