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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Design Seeds

Do you guys ever stare at a blank wall, completely in need of some inspiration? I do. A lot actually.

I've been working to convert my junk room into a craft room. This past weekend, J.B. and I went through all the stuff in this extra bedroom and moved it out. Then, there it was ... the blank wall. 

I wasn't ready for it. I didn't have any ideas. No color palette. No new inspirations.
There are a lot of designer tricks to figure this kind of thing out. Maybe pull from a swatch of fabric you like. Borrow colors from artwork. Or create something similar to a beautiful room you see online.
Still nadda for me.

Well, guess what I do when I'm at a loss? I go to www.design-seeds.com.
I looooooove the concept!! Basically, Jessica, the brilliant website author, pulls color palettes from pictures. How simple, right? I'm crazy about her interpretation of these photos. And I always always find something that will inspire me.

Here are few that I love:

autumn road

 agate hues

 buttoned hues

 ceramic hues

color roots

 felted hues

 palace hues

rusted hues

wheat and lavender

I think I've decided to go with this one for the craft room:

refresh hues

{I do reserve the right to change my mind... ahhh, choices!!}

So when you're decorating your next room or planning your next party, go check out design-seeds! 
So much amazing inspiration in one place!!

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