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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cake Balls - recipe

Cake balls. Cake truffles. Cake pops {read: cake ball on a stick}. Whatever you want to call them, these bite-size balls of moist cake with confectionary coatings are the new "it" dessert item... And I just found out about them! {thanks Jason!}
There are so many different ways to make these!
I started with a simple classic white cake with butter cream icing, dipped in chocolate.

First, grab your choice cake mix and frosting combo.
{don't forget the extra ingredients for the cake}

 Bake your cake.

 Let it cool. Then crumble it up!

 Mix in the frosting.

 Shape into balls. Then let them firm up for about an hour in the freezer.

Then dip! I used regular chocolate...

I put a little white chocolate drizzle on top. 

Here are some other options ...

I think I want to make a strawberry batch ASAP!

Mmmmm, enjoy!!

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