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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bunched Flower Necklace - tutorial

This fun chunky necklace is simple to make and super cute to wear. 
It took me about an hour from start to finish, and was really similar to the folded flowers I made awhile back. Now I'm already thinking about making another necklace in a different color!


  - fabric for flower
  - felt
  - necklace chain
  - scissors
  - hot glue gun/glue

First, cut out your 5 felt circles. These will serve as the back of each flower. 
Mine around about 1 inch around.

 Next cut our your fabric circles for the flowers. You'll need 8-9 circles per flower. Yup, that's 40-45 circles.
Don't stress! Just fold the fabric over several times and cut out a bunch of circles at once!
Make these slightly larger than the felt circle.

Next you're going start bunching your fabric to create the flowers.
Bunch each circle up with your fingers, then glue down to the felt circle.

 Carry on with four more.

 Lay our your flowers out on the felt.

When they're where you want them, glue down the middle three flowers.

 While that's drying, grab your chain and cut it - front and center.

Next, glue the chain ends to the back of the two end flowers.

Align the outside flowers and chain in place with the other flowers. Then glue down.

 Lastly, cut out the felt backing of your necklace.

And ta-da! 

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