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Monday, July 18, 2011

An Assortment ...

Is it me, or has this summer been a bit of a whirlwind? Sometimes its nice to take a few moments and collect your thoughts. 


How was your weekend?? Mine was wonderful...
But holy toledo, its been hot!! We took the boat out on the river for awhile yesterday to cool off. A great time was had by all {both man and beast - Denver came with us}. I love cruising through the middle of no where on the water. It's so peaceful and relaxing!

J.B. took me on a hot date Saturday night as well. Italian food, shopping and we went to see the final Harry Potter. Ohhh, it was so wonderful. I'm glad I elected not to reread the final book first, because I knew there would be a few discrepancies. But overall - so wonderful. I'm sad the series has come to an end in filming.

I also got to spend some time with my appendix-less friend Erin. She's doing great by the way. I'm super glad everything about her appendicitis went off without much of a hitch. 


 I have finally found a reason to look forward to Mondays!!

Do any of you guys watch Design Star on HGTV? Helloooooo obsession! The basic gist is that of any reality show. They brought in twelve designers from a whole array of backgrounds and put them through all kinds of challenges and competitions. One is eliminated each week and the winner gets their own interior design show on HGTV. It just started last week, so if you tune in tonight {8pm} you really won't have missed much.

I surprisingly don't have a favorite yet. We'll see how things go tonight.

{I feel like this is waaaay less embarrassing that watching The Bachelorette}


Did ya'll notice some of the changes I'm making around here? You know I can't let anything stay the same for long. Just like I constantly switch out my wall art and couch comforters, I've got to freshen up the blog-o-sphere on occasion too. 
Do you like it? If so, great! If not... lie to me. And also take some condolence in the fact that I'm still working on it.

There's a new link to check out some of the rooms in our house. 
Hoping to add a few more to that page soon.


I've got some fun plans for the blog his week. 

A cute necklace tutorial tomorrow.....

{my apologies - J.B. is almost as awesome at photography as I am}

And of course a recipe or two. Stick with me folks!


It has to be said ... only 8 more days until Disney.



And here are some fun pictures from yesterday. 
I'm maintaining just a touch of dignity by not displaying any pictures of me water-skiing. 
Trust me, you're welcome. 

I'm so random, geez. Thanks for coming along on the ride!
See you tomorrow!!

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