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Thursday, June 2, 2011

tissue paper flower {tutorial}

A friend asked me about these the other day. Several styles of them sell on eBay for not so cheap and inquiring minds wanted to know if I could do a tutorial for them.

I'm always happy to oblige. 
{Especially because I already knew how to make these. That makes obliging so much more fun.}


 - tissue paper
 - scissors
 - floral stems

For a full size flower {about 15 inches in diameter}, you'll need a minimum of 10 sheets of tissue paper. Unfold these and stack them.

Fold the tissue paper in a back and forth accordion style.

Then grab a piece of floral stem and wrap that around the middle of the fold. Twist the ends together to hold.

Trim the ends of the fold. I made this one rounded.

 Now begin unfolding all the layers of the flower. The hardest part for me is to take it slowly and gently. I always tear a few pieces.

Once everything is unfolded, just do a little fluffing here and there.

 I hung this up on a curtain rod to get a good view of it. Pretty simple huh?

Hint: The more sheets of tissue paper you use, the fuller the flower is going to be. I wouldn't use any less than 10 sheets {or layers} per flower. I think they look the best with around 15 layers.

You can make all different sizes of these flowers. 
This one only uses a quarter of the regular size sheet of tissue paper {the flower turns out to be about 8 inches in diameter}. I also did a pointed edge cut on the ends of the fold instead of a rounded edge.

Another hint: If you're running tight on money or if you just can't find the right color tissue paper, don't worry. Did you know that tissue paper can actually be spray painted? Seriously. Just grab some white paper, make your flowers, then lightly spray paint it the best color. Crazy.

I love all the bright colors and possibilities for these flowers!

Reception decor:

{note the napkin rings too!}

Make a garland:

Party decor/Wall collage:

Decorating a nursery:

LOVE these decorating the silverware!

The possibilities are endless. What about a classroom? Or as garland or ornaments on a tree?
What else have you guys come up with?


  1. Sarah,
    Thanks so much! I knew you could help me with this! My friend's baby shower is going to fab because of you!

  2. You are super welcome Kim! Glad I could help. Good luck with the shower!