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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Things I wouldn't want to live without.

I could be very stoic and start with my faith, my husband, family and friends, but that would just make this super dramatic. And while all of those things mean an immeasurable amount to me, I'm not really going for the cheese factor today {or any day}.

So..., simple things I wouldn't want to live without...

- my steam mop. Y'all, I've got two huge dogs that shed LIKE CRAZY. And J.B. and I are also what I like to refer to as "outside people" {ultimately that means we track in a lot of dirt}. The downstairs of my house has all wood floors. If it weren't for my Shark, I'd spend every spare second of my day mopping. Umm, what fun is that??

- our boat. I suppose it was last summer that JB and I figured out that we were "boat people". There really are few things I enjoy more than taking the boat down river, floating in the sunshine and lounging around. Sometimes we don't even speak for hours. Not for lack of interest or concern, but because we're both just completely content to float there, listening to music or reading a book. When we take friends with us, we love to go tubing and water skiing. However it's used, the boat is our little getaway.

- the local dog park. My pups are still young. They are usually full of more energy than little old me can handle. When we moved to Madison two years ago, we were super pumped to find out that they had just opened a local dog park. We've been hanging out there ever since! I love watching all the different types of dogs play together and seeing each of their personalities shine. And it's easy to bond with the other owners over common ground {and we've met some great friends!}. With our summer schedule, we don't get out there as much as I'd like, but it's such nice place to take Denver and Delilah.

-  my "inspirations". We are all are inspired by something. For me, it's designs. It's ideas. It's beauty. A lot of my inspirations are in the form of magazine clippings, creative blogs, and even pins on Pinterest. Taking in the creativity of others just seems to inspire me to be more creative myself.

- the ability to constantly redecorate. There are those people that decorate their house and don't touch it for years. And then there are those people that are constantly tweaking and changing and rearranging. I am most definitely in the slightly more crazy, second camp. Thankful my husband {who would just as well be happy in the first camp} is very patient with my fickle design sense.

 - spell check. Two problems here, 1. I'm a terrible speller by nature {I have specifically horrible memories of both the 2nd and 8th grade spelling bees ... another day, perhaps} and 2. I'm kinda lazy sometimes. I know that you guys read these posts sometimes and think, "umm, pass fifth grade much?" Its just that usually when I've gone through the process of making the actual project, taking pictures, uploading pictures, editing them, uploading to the blog, and writing the blog post ... I'm usually ready to be done. I promise I'll try to do better.

- ice cream. I have quite the sweet tooth. Whether it's chocolate, vanilla or some crazy wild flavor in between, I love love ice cream.

- my iPhone/iPad. They really are my lifelines. I post, I tweet, I update. They keep me portable and connected. Without them, I feel naked.

Notice that I didn't call this post "things I can't live without". I'm a very blessed girl, but I can obviously live without all of this stuff.  Sometimes I just think it's nice to really appreciate some of your favorite non- necessities.

What wouldn't you want to live without?

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