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Friday, June 17, 2011

ruffle bottom onesie {tutorial}

Here's the final outfit that I added to the package for my niece. 
The ruffled onesies are everywhere these days. They're selling for $30-$40 on Etsy. But with something this simple, why not design your own?  


 - onesie
 - jersey knit fabric
 - scissors
 - sewing machine*

*You can do this without a sewing machine. 
And I like to use the jersey knit material because it doesn't ever unravel.
Cut out 8 strips of the jersey knit fabric. These should be about 1 1/2 - 2 inches wide and 24 inches long.

Set your sewing machine to its longest stitch setting. Sew down the middle of the strip, making sure to leave a long thread at the beginning {and not backstitching to start}

Then pull the bobbin thread {or which ever one seems easiest to pull} and ruffle the fabric.

Continue with all of the strips until you have a delightful pile of ruffles.

Now pin the first ruffle to the onesie. {I'm putting ruffles on this onesie from the waist down, front and back. Some people like to do just the back. Do whatever suits your fancy.}

Sew right down the ruffle to attach it to the onesie. Make sure to use a little backstitch at the beginning and end to secure.

Keep adding ruffles. Some will need to be trimmed and you can use the extra ruffle for the smaller spaces.

Once you're done with the front, move on the the back. 

If your onesie looks anything like mine, there will be a lot of threads to trim when you're finished. Make sure to clean it up a bit.

Front and back

This would be a great time for me to show you a super cute kiddo in one of these:

And I love love the colors in this one!

Can't wait to see my little niece in this one!

Happy Friday, friends!

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  1. cannot wait to make this for my grand daughter...awesome. Many thanks for sharing!