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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Front Porch Week {the door}

Another day of

I've been working on the front door for several days. Who knew that black paint took so many layers?? 
But its done! And I love it!

I used Valspar exterier semi-gloss paint.
Color is "Dark Kettle Black" {never thought about there being multiple shades of black ...}

Little tip: Use a brush, not a roller.

I picked out my favorite font and blew it up to the right size. Tape it to the dor and then trace over the outline. It'll leave a faint stencil on the door behind it. Then paint!

For some reason, I was incredibly nervous about doing this. 
Maybe because black feels so ... irreversible. {I don't know why? Its not.}
Or maybe because it's on display for the neighborhood {I doubt any of them care about my front door.}.
I don't know, but for some reason it was daunting.  

I think the black really makes the door pop. And the numbers are so fun. You think so too, right? If not, just humor me, ok? My ego is fragile. 
Can't wait to get those benches and plants out there!


  1. I am wanting to do this, and as I was walking and looking at doors, I was wondering how white trim would look with a dark door. So glad I found this post. It looks great. I may just brave it soon. Did you paint the entire door or just the front?

    1. I actually only painted the very front. The side edge and inside are still white. I actually prefer it that way since the white looks a lot more pleasing on the inside (in the living room). Click over to the living room on the home tour and you can compare.

      So glad you like it! I was pretty nervous to do it too, but I'm so happy I did!

  2. what site do you go to for the fonts? I'm going to do this too.....love your blog.
    Wendy Pritchett

  3. oops, forgot to ask what size your letters are on the front door.


  4. Please answer me, I want to do it this weekend.