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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Fabric Flower Corsage - tutorial

I've been putting together some cute onesies to send to my sweet niece Olivia in California.
Here's one that I thought was especially adorable.

I'm not a mom, but sometimes I try to think like one ...

Oh yeah, brilliant idea incoming... I've attached the corsage flower separately so Melissa can just pull it off to wash the onesie without worrying about how to wash the onesie with the flower, etc.

It would also be cute on a purse, a jacket, or a headband. And about a million other things.
Making it is pretty simple and very similar to the flower bouquet tutorial { h e r e }.


 - fabric
 - felt
 - needle and thread
 - scissors
 - button

Optional: onesie, velcro to attached to onesie {if you're making a legit corsage, maybe a pin instead to sew to the back}

I'll make the first half of this tutorial and abbreviated addition. 
If you have any questions, check this tutorial out.

Cut a scrap of fabric. This one is about 4 x 20 inches.

Iron the strip of fabric in half {long-ways... or hotdog style, haha}

 Start sewing to gather the fabric. Large stitches on the open edge.

As you sew, the fabric will naturally spiral.

 When you get near the end, move your stitches up closer to the center of the fabric for smaller, tighter ruffles.

 Get the ruffles settled where you want and then stitch the end down. Try to keep all the stitches towards the center of the flower where your button will hide them.

Go from the middle of the flower out through all the layers to hold them in place. There's no perfect way to do this, just keep stitching until your flower feels like one solid piece. 
Here's a view of the front:

 And the back:

Sew on your button for the center of the flower. Then cut out a piece of felt to cover part of the backside of the flower.

 I hot glued my felt to the back. 
Then you can stitch on a pin to finish your corsage...

Or cut a piece of velcro to attach it to the onesie or other surface.

So cute!!

These two girls deserve the very best!

Speaking of, fantastic news! Most of you know that my brother, David, has been deployed with the Navy since November. Check out the back story { h e r e }.

Turns out, David's strike force is in port in Hawaii for a few days. So Melissa and Olivia have flown out from San Diego to Hawaii to see him. Last night, my brother got to hold his five month old daughter for the first time!! Melissa even hired a photographer to capture everything. She said it was completely perfect.
I'm so excited that their little family is all together right now.

And I can't wait to have him back stateside in late July!

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