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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Aunt Sarah

It's no surprise to any of you that I'm the #1 fan of my sweet niece Olivia. If they made those big foam fingers for a niece, I'd have one ... probably with her name monogrammed on it, because I'm that silly.

A lot of you checked out  { t h i s   p o s t } of David and Melissa's first family portrait with Olivia. It was the day David first met Olivia - which gives me happy chills. I just adore it. They're gorgeous... and in Hawaii. Double points.

I'm finally sending Melissa some of the goodies I've been making this year. Hope she likes them!

For baby...

Onesies galore!!

Argyle Onesie  - { t u t o r i a l   h e r e }
Ruffle Onesie  -  { t u t o r i a l  h e r e }
Flower Corsage Onesie  - { t u t o r i a l   h e r e }

These would look so much better on a sweet kiddo than laying on this table. Melissa has promised that Olivia would model for us when she tries them on.

Some new burp cloths in sweet pink and yellow patterns  { t u t o r i a l   h e r e }
And a funky cateye glasses bib  { t u t o r i a l   h e r e }

For Momma ...

David will hopefully be officially home in San Diego in another five to six weeks. And I think at that point Melissa just might get to put her feet up and relax a little. I can't imagine how crazy it is to be a "single parent" while your husband is on the other side of the world. Anyway, when that day comes she'll have a great book to read and a mug with some hot chocolate and hot tea. {Isn't that mug the cutest? It's Anthropologie.}

She also asked me to make her some birth announcements for Olivia. Obviously it took a lot of convincing to get me on board ... {you know better}.

Melissa and Olivia are enjoying their last night in Hawaii and I'm hoping that they get to spend some sweet time with David. I think its been a pretty blissful visit so far.

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