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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

25 Things

I know that a lot of people that follow this blog are my beloved friends and family members. And they are so supportive that I'm pretty sure they'd follow this blog if I wrote about ping-pong balls every day {only a mild exaggeration}. They know me better than I know myself sometimes. I smile to think that when they read my posts, they're probably shaking their heads at what a sarcastic dork I am.

Sometimes I forgot that I don't actually know all of you. I'm constantly humbled at the number of people from  different parts of the world that check in here. I love how we can all get together over things like fabric flowers and soup recipes. So I think of us as friends. And sometimes my friends from places France, Australia, and Canada like to send me notes asking more about myself and my life. 

So here are a few random things about me.

#1. You probably can't tell this from many pictures, but I'm short. Really short actually, at 5'1". I wouldn't have even qualified to be on the "short girls" season of America's Next Top Model  {starting height was 5'3"}. Sans all the short jokes growing up and the fact that I can't reach anything on the top shelf of my kitchen cabinets, I've never really minded it. And since J.B. is 5'11", I'm not expecting our future kids to be NBA stars.

#2. I'm a Christian. Its one of the most important things in my life.

#3. I'm kind of a prime time TV junkie. We have {no joke} four DVRs in our house. My favorites are Criminal Minds, House, Project Runway and So You Think You Can Dance.

#4. I love Pinterest. Really love. Every time I look at the boards, I feel as though my head is going to burst with ideas. Its such a fantastic feeling.

#5. Albums that I've been playing constantly... "21" by Adele, "Kaleidoscope Heart" by Sara Bareilles, and "Doo-Wops and Hooligans" by Bruno Mars. I usually don't care for a lot of Top 40 music, but I've been so pleasantly surprised by these albums! They really are must-haves!

#6. The camera I use here is a Canon Rebel XTi. I wish I wasn't completely clueless about photography, but its nice to have a camera that takes pretty pictures.

#7. Due to several visits to my mother-in-law's beach house and many many trips out on the lake, I'm actually sporting an excellent tan this summer. That never happens! I'm usually quite blindingly white in the summer {and fall and spring and winter}.

#8.  Yes, I do have two super adorable dogs. They are my babies, my children {for now}. Denver is a chocolate lab. He's two and has the sweetest, happiest personality of any dog I've ever seen. Delilah is a Great Pyrenees. She's one and is both incredibly lazy and smart. Both weigh in around 90 pounds.

#9. I really don't know much about sewing. I think because I attempt to use a sewing machine for blog projects, I might give off the impression that I know what I'm doing. Let me be clear now, ... I don't. My mom is fantastic with all things sewing and quilting. I'm lucky to be able to call her constantly for advice. I sew with a relatively cheap Singer machine. Maybe when I get a better grip on what I'm doing I'll be able to convince J.B. that I need a big girl machine.

#10. Speaking of my mom, who's good at everything, she's also a Master Gardner. I can't really tell you the specifics about that. But I know it involves lots of training and knowledge about all things green. If I'm not calling her about how I've jammed up my sewing machine, I'm calling to ask her why my plants are dying. She's so handy!

#11. Right now, I'm sitting in my office at work. I was totally planning on going home 30 minutes ago, but then the bottom fell out.  The power is out actually. So I'm waiting on the rain to let up, running on laptop battery power and listening to Pandora on my iPad. Ever since the tornadoes in April, I'm pretty wimpy about bad weather.

#12. I have two brothers {I'm in the middle}. They're both fantastic. My parents must be pretty smug.

 {Daniel, David, J.B. - 2008}
{I promise they really aren't idiots... }

#13. I love getting snail mail.

#14. I also love notes from you about the projects you're working on. You guys have the best ideas.

#15. My favorite things: suspense movies, flowers, neutral colors, board games, and bubble baths.

#16. I'm completely baffled at how to decorate the tall walls in my stairwell. Any suggestions?

#17. This morning, I booked a trip to Disney World. Yes, again. I know that J.B. and I just went last year, but we had such a fun time. It makes me feel kind of like a vacation dork to go back to the same place, and that that place is mostly for people under age 12. But when J.B. and I vacation, we like to be active. I'm sure there will come a time when all we want to do for a week is lay on the beach and unwind, but not yet. We're still spry! :)

#18. I'm not very graceful. I wish I could tell you that I was a ballerina or a prom queen or something poised and pristine, but I'm not. I trip over my own feet like a 13 year old boy.

#19. I almost always have a bowl of ice cream before bed.

#20. This week we're fostering an extra pup. He came from a bad home and is being taken in by some friends of mine on Friday. Until then, Lucky is crashing at our place. He's half bulldog, half shi tzuh, and 100% darling.

#21. I don't recycle. Isn't that horrible of me?! I'm posting this here with the hopes that you guys will encourage me to be a better earthling.

#22. I'm aching to go on a canoe run. Several years ago we camped out alongside the river {it stormed like crazy that night and we slept in the car}, then rented canoes for the 12 mile journey downstream the next day. It was exhausting, but lots of fun.

#23. We, here at the Wilder household, are big Harry Potter fans. Have loved the books from the beginning. Enjoying the movies as well. We've already bought our tickets to see the final Deathly Hallows movie on opening weekend. Only three more weeks until the very end!

#24. I love camping. So does J.B. In fact, he proposed to me in a tent ...

#25. I love having this blog as an outlet for my crazy creative ideas. Thanks for coming along for the ride.


  1. Sarah,
    I love reading your blog and your ideasd inspire me to come up with a few things myself. For your hallway multiple black and white pics are always cute or you could check out "Wallies" they are vinyl stickers that are removable and repositionable on the wall they come in all shapes, sizes, patterns, and colors. Just google them. I'm in love with them right now and am thinking about hanging them on the wall above my bed.
    Mary Rippey

  2. Here is a website for some of the Wallies:

  3. Awe thanks Mary!

    I've thought about doing a gallery wall of photos and what not, but there's already a gallery wall at the top of the stairs ... I'm toying with the idea of making something out of old barn wood to hang. We'll see.

    I love the vinyls too! Haven't ever found the right one for a place in my house but they're so cute. I've seen them at Hobby Lobby and Target before. Definitely going to check out this link! I bet they'd make a cute boy's something for Brannan's room too!