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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Wainscotting Reveal!

In an effort to get back to a slight sense of normalcy, how about we finally talk about something other than tornadoes and relief/recovery work?

Just before my family came to visit for Easter, the hubby and I put the final finishing touches on the wainscoting we designed for the dining room. I think they call this type of wainscoting the "board and baton style".

Nothing about this project was very difficult, just time consuming. And its actually very affordable. For about a 17x17 ft room, we spent a little over $100 in supplies.

How about some before pictures ...

We used wooden lattice pieces {from Lowe's} that were 8' long. Cut them into 30" sections.

Next we marked the walls with exactly where we were placing them. After holding several up and speculating back and forth, I decided to put 12" between each board. We went around the walls with a level and marker, making sure none of them were in the same places as electrical outlets.

We ended up with only one board we had to split over an outlet. You can see it in the left side of this picture below.

Next, we put up the boards. Just had to make sure each one was level. We used small finishing nails to attached them to the wall.

Then the chair rail. These pieces came in 10' sections so we had to measure and cut these to put them up. Again, attached them with finishing nails.

Then we used a punch tool on each nail and make sure that the nail head wasn't sticking out above the boards.You just put the tip of the punch on the nail head and then gently hammer the top of the punch. It pushed the nail head down a little farther.

And finally we filled in all the nail holes and gaps with wall spackle.

I love the kind that starts out pink {so you can see it} and dries white. I never can seem to wait long enough for the spackle to dry. This is fool proof spackle!

Finally, we painted! (using a high gloss paint)
This seemed to take forever because of the dark grey color on the walls.
But three coats later ...

Insert: Happy Dance!

I love love love it. It adds a whole new elegance to our dining room! So glad we've finished this project. Having Easter dinner in the completed dining room was the cherry on top!

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